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Hamr na JezeřeHamr na JezeřeHamr na Jeziorze (Hamr na Jezeře)

Hamr na Jezeře

Hamr na Jezeře is situated in the land of pine forests near brook Hamerský potok. It flows to the several lakes, first to lake Hamerský or lakes Horecký and Sedlšťský. Near the village there are the hills Hamerský špičák (452 m.n.m.) with castle Děvín, Mlýnský vrch and Chrástenský vrch. Village was first mentioned in the year 1516. From the beginning of 20th century Hamr is famous summer resor. The area of lake Hamerský rybník is 56ha.

Infocentre - Liberecká 24, 471 28 Hamr na Jezeře, tel.: 487 852 113, e-mail:


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